Hi Roberta,

Thanks for the response. I was especially happy to read it because it goes against the grain of current ‘acceptable’ thought about Michael Jackson, and it’s important that we don’t all think alike.

I believe you’re right to say that #MeToo has created a certain type of impetus, one which undoubtedly affects the manner in which these latest allegations against Jackson are treated.

Yet for me – in this instance – the #MeToo movement has provided an occasion to think again about the bias I’ve always felt towards Jackson as a fan. In other words, a counter-balance to my own prejudice against those who accused him. I think that’s a healthy response.

As I wrote in the piece, I suspect that in the full course of time a single film won’t feel quite as decisive as it does now. I also believe (perhaps naively) that facts have a habit of coming to light, even if they take years to do so, and ultimately having the final say on a matter.

Art historian and art critic, writer, artist. Author of “How to Read Paintings”. Website: https://www.chrisjoneswrites.co.uk

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