How Credible is Self-Publishing?

A self-published French novel has been shortlisted for a major literary prize, which is making me think twice about self-publishing.

Where the dilemma really pinches is in the question of losing control.

Do I want to be a successful, celebrated author? Yes. Do I want the success to be orchestrated and influenced by a large publishing house? I’m not sure I like that idea.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, appears to offer a far more congenial route.

Not only is there no gatekeeper to bar me from entry — which, let’s face it, is hugely appealing — but I can also keep control over my fate. I can choose how to publicize my work, which channels I expose myself on, and the direction of my career as it evolves… assuming it does.

Art historian, critic, novelist, artist. Author of How To Read Paintings:

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